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Robinsons Builders

In 2014, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. acquired A.M. Builders’ Depot, the second largest big box hardware chain located in Visayas and Mindoro. Currently being rebranded to Robinsons Builders, renovations are underway to improve the stores’ layout and merchandise displays, enhancing overall customer experience. As of August 2017, thirteen out of the fifteen branches have been rebranded to Robinsons Builders.

Each store houses a vast assortment of construction and building products, including floor tiles and accessories, water closet and lavatory fixtures, hardware and paints, lumber materials, and electrical supplies. Robinsons Builders puts a premium on building relationships with its local and international suppliers to give clients quality merchandise at competitive prices for every project. Offering after-sales services, such as paint-mixing and product delivery, it aims to provide responsive and customized services for each of its customers.

RRHI acquired De Oro Pacific Home Plus in 2016, a big box hardware chain in Northern Mindanao, widening its geographic scope farther south of the Philippines. Robinsons Builders currently manages the three Home Plus stores, with two stores in Cagayan De Oro and one in Iligan City, and provides the same level of product assortment and service which defines the Robinsons brand.

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