Mass Merchandise

Heavy-duty merchandise at lightweight prices.

Robinsons Retail’s Mass Merchandise segment houses a variety of budget-friendly lifestyle brands, providing customers with a wide array of fun and handy items for home and everyday use.

With over a hundred Daiso Japan and Super50 stores nationwide, our Mass Merchandise segment offers an extensive selection of affordable food containers, storage solutions, kitchen essentials, cleaning tools, beauty products, pet toys, toiletries, and much more.


To be the leading Japanese price point retail store in the Philippines.


To help customers have fun in the store and discover surprise finds.

Store Count


Since 2014, Daiso Japan Philippines has been an authorized retailer of Daiso Industries Co. Limited, Japan's No. 1 supplier of living ware goods.

Just like Daiso Japan, popularly known for its 100 yen and up stores, Daiso Japan Philippines delivers the same variety of products and budget steals for a wholly fun shopping experience.

Daiso Japan Philippines offers customers an array of fun and funky stationery products, toys, lifestyle products, beauty and fashion apparel, home decors, Japanese interiors and ceramics, practical and functional household items, kitchenware and supplies, home improvement, gardening tools, pet food and accessories, official Sanrio items, and more kawaii finds starting at P88.

Store Count


Super50 is a one-stop-shop with a fine selection of products starting at Php50 each. Its commodities range from home and kitchen essentials, cleaning products, and accessories to office supplies and much more.

The Super50 brand is a joint venture between Robinsons Retail and Peso Tree aiming to provide accessible products to a broad market and with a very affordable price point.

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