Filling carts with price-savvy, healthy household staples

With over 300 stores across the country, our Supermarket segment is our largest in the group comprised of five well-loved banners serving a diverse customer base with a wide array of inclusive product options—from local favorites to international bestsellers.

Our Supermarket segment proactively responds to evolving customer needs and trends while advocating for better choices that foster growth and generate shared value for customers and other stakeholders.


To be the supermarket of choice known for fresh and healthy food, clean hygienic stores, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.


To educate and empower its customers on their choice of food and products that promote health living.

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Robinsons Supermarket is the Philippines’ first mainstream supermarket anchored on health and wellness.

Offering a wide variety of quality food and product options at affordable price points and accessible locations, Robinsons Supermarket empowers customers to make healthy choices via proper product labeling in partnership with the national Food and Nutrition Research Institute, and other nutrition-oriented campaigns.

Robinsons Supermarket also prioritizes locally sourced produce from smallholder farmers, which promotes avenues of shared growth.

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The Marketplace is Robinsons Retail’s premium grocery format giving connoisseurs and dilettantes alike the flavors of the world through imported and gourmet options.

Located in several central business districts and high-end developments, The Marketplace features a wide range of internationally sourced and carefully curated selections that cater to an upscale market.

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Robinsons Easymart is a standalone mini-mart store for everyday needs located right within the neighborhood.

Smaller than a typical supermarket, it offers both quality and affordable fresh food and other household essentials as well as bills payment and mobile loading services with ease of accessibility and convenience.

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Shopwise is our hypermarket format featuring a broad assortment of products from groceries to general merchandise and lifestyle essentials from brands around the world.

One of the pioneers of the hypermarket format in the Philippines, Shopwise enables customers to experience international grocery shopping with great finds and great deals without the membership fee.

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No Brand is a straightforward, no-frills grocery store that offers Korean food and lifestyle enthusiasts options that focus on quality and not branding.

Launched by one of South Korea’s largest multi-format retailers E-Mart Inc. in 2015, Robinsons Retail was awarded the franchise rights to bring No Brand to the Philippines in 2019.

No Brand’s private label products, which include authentic Korean food and snacks, beauty products, and cleaning materials, have quickly become crowd favorites due to its excellent quality and affordable price point.

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