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Quality upgrades for happy, handy homeowners.

For over 25 years, Robinsons’ Do-It-Yourself and Big Box Hardware segment has been making its mark in the local hardware supplies and home lifestyle improvement sector.

With brands like True Value, Handyman Do It Best, Robinsons Builders, and De Oro Pacific Home Plus satisfying customers from Luzon to Mindanao, it’s easy to see how expansive our DIY and Big Box Hardware segment has become. We continue to bring affordable, quality products, innovative hardware solutions, and excellent service across our 226 outlets.


To be a world class home improvement center that consistently exceeds customer expectations with quality merchandise and excellent service.


To run the cleanest, friendliest, most service oriented, and appealing home improvement centers with quality merchandise and to have a team of innovative, trendy, and highly motivated individuals serving to delight their customers.

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True Value's retail concept of a lifestyle home center goes beyond the conventional do-it-yourself store. Acquired by Robinsons Retail in 2007, True Value has evolved into becoming a destination store for unique home and office finds.

True Home is a household furnishings concept store launched by True Value last April 2015 that prioritizes comfort, function, and style. The interior retail branch offers a well-chosen selection of imported, high-quality brands of home décor, bed and bath necessities, kitchen and dining wares, and storage solutions.

True Value and the True Home concept have become haven to home improvement enthusiasts, offering both classic and contemporary pieces and tasteful design ideas for their living spaces.

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From its first store opening at Robinsons Galleria in 1994, Handyman Do it Best has continuously grown and made its mark among do-it-yourselfers, with branches in Robinsons Malls and other major malls across the country. Its selection for value-for-money hardware, electrical and lighting, power tools, and plumbing products has expanded to the thousands over the years.

In 2001, Handyman became a member of Do It Best Corporation, one of the largest hardware and home improvement cooperatives in the USA.

With the Filipino consumer in mind, Handyman has molded itself into one of the most trusted hardware stores in the country.

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In 2014, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. acquired A.M. Builders’ Depot, the second largest big box hardware chain in Visayas and Mindoro. Since then, more than 85% of the stores have been rebranded as Robinsons Builders, featuring an improved layout for a better customer experience.

Robinsons Builders puts a premium on building relationships with local and international suppliers to give customers quality merchandise at competitive prices and responsive, custom services for every project.

Our stores house a vast assortment of construction products including floor tiles and accessories, water closet and lavatory fixtures, hardware and paints, lumber materials, electrical supplies, and more.

Under Robinsons Builders is De Oro Pacific Home Plus, the brand’s big box hardware counterpart. Primarily based in Northern Mindanao, the two brands’ combined geographic scope has widened its services to more consumers, farther south of the Philippines.

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De Oro Pacific Home Plus was acquired in 2016 shortly after Robinsons Builders. Collectively, its stores are significant regional players in major urban areas in the Visayas and Northern Mindanao regions.

Over the years, the stores were modernized and renovated to improve the overall customer experience. It aims to provide excellent in-store and after-sales service, while offering affordable and high-quality merchandise for the residential market — from paint mixing services to lumber, electrical supplies, and more.

Currently, Robinsons Builders manages the three Home Plus stores. The integration of the two brands make for a more expansive assortment of products and services, living up to the Robinsons brand’s standards for quality.

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