The Company shall ensure its continued effective performance and sustained growth through leadership continuity for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

The objectives of the Succession Planning Programme are:

  1. To identify and nominate suitable candidates for the Board’s approval to fill the vacancies that arise from time to time.
  2. To identify the competency requirements of critical and key positions, assess potential candidates and develop required competency through planned developments and learning initiatives.
  3. To identify the key job incumbents in Senior Managerial positions and recommend whether the concerned individual may be granted an extension of term/service, or be replaced with an identified internal or external candidate or there is a need to recruit suitable candidate/s.
  4. To ensure the systematic and long-term development of individuals in the senior management level as ready replacement when the need arises due to deaths, disabilities, retirements and other unexpected occurrence.
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    Succession Planning and Remuneration Policy

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