Day Buy Day Cover Girl
Day Buy Day Cover Girl Day Buy Day Cover Girl
Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.

About The Cover

Robinsons Retail is all about making shopping a delightful everyday experience. Having one of the most holistic company portfolios of any Philippine retailer, the “Day Buy Day” concept of our 2018 Annual Report is composed of hand drawn letter art, which playfully feature the diversity of our formats. The concept is a homage to the stores and banners that we carry, and our promise to add joy and value to the lives of our customers.

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Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.’s portfolio consists of some of the most recognizable and trusted brands in Philippine retail. Through a combination of homegrown and international banners, we have cultivated our national presence under the following major retail formats: supermarket, department store, do-it-yourself and big box hardware, drugstore, convenience store, consumer electronics and appliances, toys, lifestyle concept stores, fashion, cosmetics, specialty coffee shops, and most recently, pet retail.

In 2018, we achieved a geographic footprint of 1,910 stores and approximately 2,000 franchised outlets of The Generics Pharmacy, and in the process have provided employment to a multitude of individuals from diverse social backgrounds and professions. Strategic partnerships have been established with major mall developers through the years, and our formats serve as anchor tenants for Robinsons Malls, our affiliate.

Our supply chain and operations are avenues for mutually beneficial engagements with vendors and partners, from multinationals to SME’s, whose high quality products are brought closer to a wider local market. Because of this, we have been able to pave access to goods and services for consumers, while significantly supporting livelihoods and families in areas where we are present. In our capacity as one of the country’s top companies and major retail players, we aim to contribute positively to economic development.

The interests of our customers are inherently tied into the nature of our business. We move through this dynamic industry together. As a company, we capitalize on the persistent relevance and cultural value of brick and mortar stores, which serve as hubs for direct and tactile experiences of shopping. While organically growing our stores and acquiring brands with the potential to enrich lives, address needs, or simply to spark joy, we are often pioneers of modern retail in underpenetrated cities and emerging regional economic centers.

Through partnerships and minority investments, we have also embraced e-commerce and digitalization, the tech-driven inevitabilities that are fostering new behaviors and expectations from our consumer base. We are constantly learning through all touchpoints.

Ultimately, we adapt by embedding strategies that are relevant to the times not only to remain profitable, but to serve as a trusted, responsive, and sustainable company.

Our story of growth, expansion, and evolution is one that we continue to write. Almost four decades have passed since the first Robinsons Department Store opened in Robinsons Place Manila in 1980. We have endured and flourished, confident of our place in elevating the retail industry to newer and more exciting heights, with aspirations to become one of the best retailers in the region.


Our vision is to strengthen our foothold as a leading and trusted multi-format retailer in the Philippines.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide exceptional quality products at compettive prices and excellent service to our customers;
  • Offer meaningful business opportunities to our stakeholders;
  • Establish strong nationwide presence; and
  • Provide a professionally-managed-work environment.

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