This Corporate Governance Manual shall be posted in the Company's Website that can be readily accessed by any interested party.
    The Board shall oversee the dissemination of this Corporate Governance Manual to all employees and related third parties, and to likewise enjoin compliance.


    Every Director shall receive appropriate orientation when he is first appointed to the Board of Directors, in order to ensure that incoming Directors are appropriately apprised of their duties and responsibilities before beginning their Directorships. The orientation program shall include SEC-mandated topics on Corporation Governance and an introduction to the Company's business, Articles of Incorporation, and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

    Likewise, Management Officers shall receive appropriate orientation on his duties as a management executive and how to discharge these duties when he is first appointed to the Corporation. This will ensure that incoming Senior Management Officers are familiar with the Corporation's business and governance processes.

    Each Director and key Officer shall be required to attend a training program on Corporate Governance and relevant topics every year. The training program shall ensure that Directors and key Officers are continuously informed of the developments in the business and regulatory environments, including emerging risks relevant to the Company as well as Corporate Governance matters including audit, internal controls, risk management, sustainability and strategy.

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