Robinsons Retail through the Lens of Sustainability

We at Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. believe in working together for a sustainable future.

As our company grows, we want Filipino families and communities to grow with us. The RRHI 2017 Sustainability Report was crafted with the same spirit of accountability to our stakeholders that we have maintained through the years; with a deep understanding of their needs and interests, we are able to deliver services as a retailer of choice.

We believe the culture of sustainability is the inevitable step for greater accountability among corporations. Tech-savvy, socially aware, and environmentally conscious millennials will dominate the economy in the next decade, while companies will seek to reflect the significant values they communicate on how to prosper with ethics and integrity.

In 2017, we introduced the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Framework into our long-term strategy. For this, we have formulated the RRHI Sustainability Framework guided by four key principles: Relationships with stakeholders, Reduced environmental impact, Holistic economic growth, and Integrity in management (RRHI).

To know more, download RRHI’s 2017 Sustainability Report here.

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