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The Company's Business Operations and Profile

Driven by sustained expansion and diversification, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (PSE Code: RRHI) remains one of the largest and most trusted multi-format retailers in the Philippines. With over three decades of growth from its inception in 1980 when the first Robinsons Department Store opened in Ermita, Manila, the holding company has since then expanded its portfolio of brands under the following formats: supermarket, department store, do-it-yourself, drugstore, consumer electronics and appliances, international fashion and beauty specialty store, toys, convenience store, one-price concept store, and specialty coffee shops.

Focused on addressing the consumption needs of the Filipino, Robinsons Retail has achieved national prominence through its nationwide presence. It has over 1,600 stores and over 1,900 franchised stores of The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) across the archipelago, the latter addition due to RRHI’s acquisition of the drugstore’s majority holdings in 2016.

At its core, the company maintains a solid foundation of management that employs a comprehensive and astute use of technology, business analytics, supplier collaboration, and customer engagement. This has resulted into a unique brand of excellent service enjoyed by its loyal customer base and its international and local brand partners and suppliers. Beyond its foothold in Robinsons Malls, RRHI has also developed strong ties with other leading mall developers, which allows it to capture even wider markets alongside emerging ones.

Robinsons Retail thus continues to evolve and grow, from its selection of goods and services to its geographic prevalence, adapting to changing economic landscapes and ensuring its place as one of the constant and enduring leaders in Philippine retail.

  • Vision
    Our vision is to strengthen our foothold as a leading and trusted multi-format retailer in the Philippines.
  • Mission
    Our mission is to:
    1. Provide exceptional quality products at competitive prices and excellent service to our customers;
    2. Offer meaningful business opportunities to our stakeholders;
    3. Establish strong nationwide presence; and
    4. Provide a professionally-managed work environment.

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