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The Generics Pharmacy, Inc. (TGP) traces its beginnings to 1949 when Pacific Pharma, a German importer and wholesaler of medicine, was founded. Ten years later, the company was bought by the Liuson family. In 1983, Pacific Pharma realized that the high prices of branded medicine made it impossible for most Filipinos to afford quality healthcare. Wanting to make a difference, Pacific Pharma shifted its focus to affordable but quality generic medicine. The 1990’s saw a significant push for generics with the passing of the Cheaper Medicine Act. With the concurrent shift in market preference, the company ventured into retail and opened the first TGP store in 2001. Six years later, in 2007, TGP adopted the franchise business model, one of the pillars of its success  which jumpstarted  the growth of outlets.

TGP was the first to offer 100% generics while other drugstores sold 90% branded and only 10% generic medicine. In 2016, Robinsons Retail, through its subsidiary South Star Drug, Inc., acquired 51% of TGP. Todate, TGP has reached an unprecedented milestone with 1,900 stores all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao - the largest network of drugstores in the country.

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