Our Company

This is Robinsons Retail.

Robinsons Retails Holdings Inc. was founded by the late entrepreneur John Gokongwei Jr. back in 1980.

What started as a small department store in Robinsons Place Manila, now stands as one of the largest multi-format retailers in the country.

We pride ourselves with diverse retail sectors that seek to serve the everyday Filipino: supermarkets, department stores, do-it-yourself, drugstores, convenience stores, consumer electronics and appliances, toys, mass merchandise, hard-discount stores, fashion specialty, beauty and pet retail.

Grounded in continuous growth

We also work with some of the most established and trusted brands in Philippine retail. With a steady-growing total store count, we strive to diversify and expand our retail services for the years to come.

Built around a customer-centered culture

We always strive to give our valued customers a delightful shopping experience, with quality products and services that cater to their needs and comfort.

A promise of a holistic business development strategy

While we maintain strong ties with mall developers and expand our geographical footprint as anchor tenants for Robinsons Malls, we constantly incorporate new and innovative technologies into our operations.

This we do by growing our presence in the e-commerce space with various partners, making strategic investments in data analytics and digitalization.

Geared towards corporate sustainability

We usher in the growth of modern retail in previously untapped markets and engage in a complex network of suppliers to deliver safe and high-quality merchandise to our customers.

At Robinsons Retail, we strive to foster 
meaningful relationships: with our people, 
customers, and partners.


Our passion for growth is rooted in our dedication to service. We picture ourselves bringing joy to every Filipino with trusted products and solutions.


We are duty-bound to be the Filipinos’ innovative lifestyle partner and customer-first retailer of choice.

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