Policy Statement

Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (“RRHI”, the “Company”) is committed to sustainability and creating a positive impact on the environment and communities in which it operates. The Company’s goal is to develop and maintain a sustainable value chain that promotes social and environmental responsibility.


This “Sustainable Value Chain Policy” provides general guidelines and expectations for ensuring a sustainable approach to all aspects of its operations towards environmental and social responsibility.

Scope and Coverage

This policy applies to all employees and officers of RRHI including those of its subsidiaries and affiliates, covering all business activities and transactions. The Company shall encourage all vendors, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders to likewise implement similar policies for their operations. This policy shall complement the Company’s other existing policies including, but not limited to, the Supplier Accreditation Policy.

General Policies

  1. Environmental Responsibility: The Company shall actively adopt practices that will reduce its environmental footprint by minimizing waste, conserving resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Company shall also encourage its vendors, suppliers, and partners to adopt environmentally responsible practices and seek out sustainable products and materials.
  • Ethical Sourcing: The Company shall take measures to source its products and materials in a responsible and ethical manner, compliant with its Supplier Accreditation Policy, and it will promote fair labor practices and respect human rights. The Company shall not do business with suppliers who have been proven to have engaged in practices that are harmful to people or the environment, and are found guilty of violating labor laws and human rights.
  • Transparency: The Company shall be transparent about its sustainability practices and initiatives, including its environmental footprint and efforts to promote sustainability throughout the value chain.
  • Collaboration: The Company shall work closely with its stakeholders to promote sustainability throughout the value chain. The Company shall engage in collaborative efforts to reduce waste and conserve resources, and it will seek out sustainable solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Company shall regularly review and evaluate its sustainable value chain policies and practices to ensure that it is making progress towards its sustainability goals. The Company shall make improvements as necessary to ensure that it is creating a value chain that is environmentally and socially responsible.


This policy shall take effect upon approval and shall continue to be in force unless superseded by new policies and guidelines.

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