This Remuneration Committee Charter (this “Charter”) establishes the purpose, qualifications and membership, structure and operations, duties and responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee(the “Committee”) of Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”), and the procedures which guide the conduct of its functions.

The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to formulate a remuneration policy that will enable the Company to attract, retain and motivate senior Management of the quality required to run the Company successfully without paying more than is necessary, having regard to views of the Shareholders and other Stakeholders. The remuneration policy should have regard to the Company’s long-term strategic goals. The Remuneration Committee shall implement the remuneration policy with the authority to enable it, in conjunction with internal and external advisers, to ensure the Board’s objectives are met.


  1. Lance Y. Gokongwei – Chairman
  2. James L. Go – Member
  3. Scott Price – Member
  4. Cesar G. Romero – Member
  5. Enrico S. Cruz – Member

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