The Company's Code of Business Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy require employees to make a conscious effort to avoid conflict of interest situations; that his judgment and discretion is not influenced by considerations of personal gain or benefit. A conflict of interest may also occur because of the actions, employment, or investments of an immediate family member of an employee.

Conduct of Business and Fair Dealings

The Company's employees that recommend, endorse, or approve the procurement or / sale of goods and services should make a conscious effort to avoid any conflict of interest situation in transactions that they are involved in.

Receipt of Gifts from Third Parties

The Company allows the acceptance of gift only during the Christmas Season. There is no restriction in the value of the gift accepted. However, accepted gift with estimated value over Php2,000 must be disclosed to the Conflicts of Interest Committee.

Compliance with Laws & Regulations

The Company ensures that all transactions comply with relevant laws and regulations. Any deficiencies are immediately rectified.

Respect for Trade Secrets/Use of Non-public Information

The Company has policies that ensure proper and authorized disclosure of confidential information. Disclosures to the public can only be done after disclosure to the SEC and PSE by the Company's authorized officers.

Use of Company Funds, Assets and Information

Employees are required to safeguard Company resources and assets with honesty and integrity. Employees must ensure that these assets are efficiently, effectively, and responsibly utilized.

Employment and Labor Laws and Policies

The Company's Human Resources Unit ensures compliance with employment and labor laws and policies.

Disciplinary action

Violation of any provision of the Code of Business Conduct may result to disciplinary action, including dismissal and reimbursement for any loss to the Company that results from the employee's action. If appropriate, a violation may result in legal action against the employee or referral to the appropriate government authorities.

Conflict Resolution

The Conflicts of Interest Committee submits recommendations on courses of action to be taken on conflicts of interest situations. Decision is done by the Executive Committee.

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