Hirotake Yano, 80

We, at Robinsons Retail, extend our heartfelt condolences to the Yano family and the Daiso community on the passing of Mr. Hirotake Yano, Founder and Chairman of Daiso Industries, on the 12th of February 2024.

Mr. Yano changed the landscape of global retail when he founded Daiso in 1972 and later originated Japan’s hyaku-en shop concept, more popularly known as the 100-yen shop.

We thank Mr. Yano for awarding Daiso's Philippine franchise to Robinsons Retail in 2009. The 15-year long partnership has been marked by mutual respect and a shared commitment to bringing options that spark joy for every shopper.

Taken in 2008 in Hiroshima, then location of Daiso’s headquarters, in photo are executives from Daiso Industries, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Robinsons Retail. Revealing his innate modesty, Mr. Yano did not hesitate to squat in front when the photo was taken.

His genuine kindness, sense of humor, and willingness to lead by example truly endeared him to all he worked with. We will truly miss him.

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