Opened last November 12, 2021, Robinsons Easymart’s 75th store in Valenzuela Town Center offers a great assortment of fresh produce, dry goods, and household staples, as well as telco e-load and bills payment services. With accelerated store openings in the pipeline, the minimart format primarily fills the role of an extended pantry for households due to its proximity and merchandise mix.

Customers can look forward to seeing more Robinsons Easymart stores near them in the future.

“We’re happy to say that more customers can now ‘take it easy’ with our 75th Robinsons Easymart store in Valenzuela City. Robinsons Easymart is our answer to making daily essentials more accessible in Filipino neighborhoods, and we are opening stores closer to homes to make shopping easy and convenient for everyone,” said Dennis Aquino, Group Operations Manager for Robinsons Easymart.

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