Robinsons Bank and Robinsons Retail launch Robinsons Cashback Card


Last October 1, 2019, Robinsons Bank Corporation, in partnership with Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc, introduced the Robinsons Cashback Card, a credit card where cardholders can get up to 3% cash rebate from their purchases at Robinsons stores. With the rebates computed per transaction and credited every cycle cut-off period, the credit card aims to offer customers a more rewarding way to shop. 

A facsimile of the Robinsons Cashback Card.


The card comes with more enhanced security features with its EMV chip and 3D Secure technology. Also, SMS alerts are sent each time the card is used and Statements of Account are sent online. Robinsons Cashback Card holders shall enjoy exclusive promos with Robinsons Retail brands. Multiple payment channels are also available for Robinsons Bank Account Holders, including online payment through the Robinsons Bank Personal Online Banking, Robinsons Bank ATMs, and the Auto-Debit Arrangement Facility, a feature that automatically settles the total or minimum amount due per month. Cardholders may also pay over the counter at any branch of Robinsons Bank and at the Robinsons Department Store Business Center, and other partner payment centers.


For more information on the card, go to 


To apply, click here:

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