Costa Coffee's 16th store introduces the London-vibe to Robinsons Metro East

Bringing its unique London-vibe, signature beverages and gourmet food selections to Robinsons Metro East, Costa Coffee opened its newest store in the mall last May 4, 2018. Filipino coffee lovers in the area have something to look forward to as the store promises to deliver the same level of sophistication and service that is definitively Costa.

The latest of the signature drinks launched are variations of the classic Costa Flat White, which now comes in Caramel, Vanilla, Flat Mocha and Flat Black. Through a cortissimo base and milk particularly heated with a special technique, the rich and full-flavored drink achieves a smooth and velvety finish that distinguishes it from typical versions of cappuccino and cafelatte.

Costa Coffee PH also prides itself with its team of expertly trained baristas. At the heart of the stores’ daily operations, they learn the technical aspects of coffee to serve carefully crafted and personalized drinks to customers.

 Embracing the metropolitan scene, Costa Coffee shops are located in prime business districts, malls, and select corporate buildings. The UK brand and creator of the globally popular Mocha Italia blend presently has 16 branches in Philippines, with more store openings scheduled for the remainder of the year.

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