Kim Atienza Chooses to Love Wellness at Robinsons Supermarket

Kim was chosen to be Robinsons Supermarket’s Wellness Ambassador for its I Love Wellness campaign. This is a title he earned not only for his unrelenting will to live right,  but more importantly for being an influential source in promoting health and wellness by way of example.

Health and wellness had always been embedded in the heart of this ‘information powerhouse’. He regularly went to the gym, lifted weights, spearheaded an aerobics class and  ate healthy food.  So many were shocked when news broke out two years ago that Kim Atienza had suffered a stroke.  Indeed, his life changed—if only for the better.  Now more than ever, the former-politician turned TV personality is more committed to lead a healthy lifestyle and share its importance with others too.

For its part, Robinsons Supermarket continues to blaze a trail en route to promoting good health through its “I Love Wellness” campaign, an initiative that sets it apart from others in the industry.  Aside from promoting and carrying an array of healthy brands to get people into the wellness lane, the supermarket giant has put up the Health and Wellness section – a destination of   products that have health benefits.

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