Retail Formats

Retail Formats

Chic Centre Corporation

October 17, 2017

In October 2016, Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc., through a subsidiary, acquired 100% interest in Chic Centre Corporation, a key player in cosmetics and a leader in nail care products in the Philippines. With cosmetic brands such as Bobbie, Chic, Colortrends and Rain, it services three-fourths of the total nail care industry. To keep its momentum, Chic Centre consistently evolves with the market, offering seasonal product promotions, color options, as well as ensuring well-stocked stores and establishing strategic distribution channels.

Chic Centre established a Food Services Division in 2015 and has expanded its product portfolio from health and beauty to supplying fresh slush and juice mixes to convenience stores, gas station stores, supermarkets, and BPO centers, totaling a thousand outlets. Putting premium development on the skills of its staff, it conducts manpower training for slush operations as well as technical servicing for store equipment-related repairs and troubleshooting concerns, from service calls, preventive maintenance, delivery installation, to  pullout and part replacement. 

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