Our Company

Vision, Mission and Values

  • Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.
    • Vision
      Our vision is to strengthen our foothold as a leading and trusted multi-format retailer in the Philippines.
    • Mission
      Our mission is to:
      1. Provide exceptional quality products at competitive prices and excellent service to our customers;
      2. Offer meaningful business opportunities to our stakeholders;
      3. Establish strong nationwide presence; and
      4. Provide a professionally-managed work environment.
  • Robinsons Supermarket
    • Vision
      To be the supermarket of choice known for fresh and healthy food, clean hygienic stores, competitive prices and excellent customer service.
    • Mission
      To educate and empower its customers on their choice of food and products that promote healthy living.
  • Robinsons Department Store
    • Vision
      Robinsons Department Store aims to be the favored department store for the smart, stylish and value-oriented woman.
    • Mission
      To satisfy the needs of our customers' modern lifestyle by offering contemporary fashion and living essentials at the value they deserve and the shopping experience they desire.
  • True Value
    • Vision
      To be a world class home improvement center that consistently exceeds customer expectations with quality merchandise and excellent service.
    • Mission
      True Value runs the cleanest, friendliest, most service oriented and appealing home improvement centers with quality merchandise. The True Value team of innovative, trendy and highly motivated individuals serve to delight their customers.
    • Values
      1. Customer First ‐ We are passionately committed to understanding, exceeding expectations, and serving our customers and each other.
      2. Respect ‐ We treat each other with dignity and value independent thinking and diversity.
      3. Driven to Succeed - We are committed to growth through innovative thinking, strategic risk taking and decisive action.
      4. Integrity ‐ We are honest and ethical in our actions.
      5. Teamwork ‐ We believe in the power of collaboration.
      6. Stewardship ‐ We are responsible for protecting our company's investment, growing our business and people, and contributing positively to our communities.
  • Ministop
    • Vision
      To be the leader in the convenience store industry preferred by customers in terms of assortment, price, quality of products and value added services.
    • Mission
      To contribute to the enhancement of communities by providing customers with excellent service in a clean, safe and friendly environment. At the same time to provide business opportunities to local entrepreneurs who can be MINISTOP's reliable business partners.
  • South Star Drug
    • Vision
      To become the drugstore of choice in Service, Trust, Accessibility and Responsibility.
    • Mission
      We do more than just selling products and services. We strive to touch lives today with the hope of making a difference in our customers lives tomorrow. This is our commitment to our customers.
    • Values
      1. Reliability ‐ It is providing the kind of health care service tailor-fitted to the needs of the community, and being a part of the community itself.
      2. Ethics ‐ It stands for doing what is right even in the face of insurmountable difficulty. It is about cherishing the honor of being true and true to your word.
      3. Accommodating ‐ It stands for doing what is right even in the face of insurmountable difficulty. It is about cherishing the honor of being true and true to your word.
      4. Concern ‐ It goes a step further than simply taking genuine interest in the plight of others. It is making them know you care and you are committing to help.
      5. Team-Spirit ‐ It is the celebration of being a part of something greater. It means unity.
  • Daiso Japan
    • Brand Vision
      To continuously evolve and improve stores and products, and take on new challenges
    • Brand Mission
      To create stores that help our customers "find surprises and fun" in a way that is unrivalled.
  • Robinsons Appliances
    • Vision
      To be the leading appliance retailer in the Philippines offering unparalleled customer experience through global brand assortment and dependable value-adding services.
    • Mission
      As an appliance retailer preferred by most Filipino consumers, we are committed to:
      1. Offer top quality products that complement the lifestyle of our customers
      2. Grow our network of strategically located stores nationwide
      3. Improve continuously our services and image to serve our customers better
      4. Generate profit for our shareholders and rewarding opportunities for our valued business partners
      5. Provide employment to Filipinos and develop them to reach their maximum career potential
  • Toys "R" Us
    • Vision
      To be the dominant toy retailer in the Philippines, offering the right products, at the right price, at the right place, at the right time in a pleasurable and convenient shopping environment.
    • Mission
      To nurture and develop the core competence of Toys "R" Us retailing chain in order to be the most preferred shopping destination for Toys, Baby & Kids life-style products in the Philippines. We believe our business is built one guest at a time, and we are committed to making each and every guest happy.

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